Questions and mysteries swirl around the potential of a comeback to the Ford Bronco. Off road warriors hope the tough and stylish concept car presented in the Detroit Auto Show in 2004 will finally turn into a reality, but Ford has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors for a brand new Bronco in either 2017 or 2018. Ford discontinued production from the crossover SUV in 1996 to become replaced from the Expedition inside the full-sized SUV market. The 2004 concept never went into production as Ford focused on the 3rd generation Escape instead.


The concept vehicle from 2004 could possibly be a measure closer to reality by building upon the current F-150 platform. Additional rumors suggest that while Ford won‘t bring back the Bronco, one among their partners in Atlanta will reveal a Bronco-styled body upon the F-150 platform. Other possible platforms to the new Bronco could possibly be shared using the Ford Explorer or Ranger.

The 2004 concept model offered three engine choices. The possible engines include a 2. 0 L inter-cooled engine, a four-cylinder engine, or perhaps a turbo diesel engine. Its 128 horsepower should provide lots of power to tackle any terrain from city driving to boulder crawling.

The powerful engine is paired having a six speed manual transmission. Other engine choices being discussed include borrowing engines coming from the current F-150 say for example a 5. 0 L V-8 engine or perhaps a 3. 5 L twin turbo V-6. By using the Eco-boost fuel technology should enhance the fuel economy, but there aren‘t any specifications for gas mileage at the moment. All engine choices should work by having an intelligent four-wheel drive system that will permit the Bronco to reach anywhere with ease.


The retro styling creates a boxy appearance with a large chrome grille and round headlamps. The tough frame combined with the massive eighteen inch aluminum wheels and all-terrain tires further help the Bronco tackle any terrain without fear. It continues to sport just two doors instead of the greater popular four-dour design found on other SUVs. Interior styling will include upgrades to more luxurious materials and updated technology.


Anticipated pricing to the possible Ford Bronco will likely start at $26, 000. However, additional specifications and amenities could enhance the price as much as $45, 000. Since Ford is staying quiet in regards to the possible comeback, there isn‘t any release date available. Unfortunately, the Bronco doesn‘t show on the Ford website with another new releases being announced for 2017 or perhaps 2018. Bronco fans may need to dream just a little longer before they could again drive this classic off road work horse.