Mazda RX-9 – RX-8’s inability to satisfy new Euro V clean air standards and it is rocket-like fuel consumption has resulted in its discontinuation in 2012. That left a hole both in Mazda’s lineup and generally sports car market. But, fear not roadster fans and enthusiasts, Mazda is already deep into making of their successor and that is scheduled to be before 2017. Rumors says, it’s likely going to be Mazda RX9.


New Mazda’s 2-door coupe will certainly be called Mazda RX-9 which should cause it to be a legitimate successor of RX-8. Albeit older model was light (2, 886 lbs ), RX9 will certainly be even lighter (around 2, 700 lbs ) because of next-gen MX-5 Miata platform and Mazda’s SKY-ACTIV technology. Biggest change will probably be beneath the hood with new improved rotary engine which ought to be slightly stronger, but less fuel consuming. New powertrain will presumably be 1. 6L or 16x (Sky R ) because it will probably be called, which should yield some 300 hp, but hybrid model also isn’t excluded, a minimum of sooner or later. Besides improving fuel efficiency, lighter chassis and stronger engine also will improve handling much more, if that’s even possible since RX-8 was already perhaps one of the best handling cars available.


It‘s still too early to speak about its design, but answers could be found in Mazda RX Vision Concept and, in fact in its direct predecessor. 4-door body Isn‘t something that‘s planned ford this model, and it also would simply complicate things, so It‘s almost certain that Mazda’s designers will stick with the old and proven 2-door concept. RX-9’s chassis may have smoother lines which will improve its aerodynamics.

Front end will feature smiling open-mouth lower intake and sharp headlights with sport hood elevated all around the fenders. Small coupe cabin will include swept-back windshield, while rear end might feature an optional spoiler. As much as interior goes, nothing is officially released, or known at the moment, as RX-9 remains in designing process. Only thing we will expect for sure is really a compact, tight and track-oriented cabin with contemporary materials and strong supportive seats. Some predictions could be drawn from Vision Concept, that‘s suggesting interior will probably be in black and red colors, with metallic elements on dashboard, shifter and control panel. Presumably it’s not visiting feature back seats like its predecessor, however this still remains to become seen.


Earlier info stated that RX-9 should have been upon the roads, but small team of engineers and priority that Miata has over it, took its toll. When Mazda RX-9 finally arrives, expect a price tag in high twenties, but moreover, expect an excellent sports car with meticulous lines and improved performance.